Updated 13 november, 2015

I'm not responseble for any damage caused by the software downloaded below. It is fully tested and 100% virus free!!!

Cobrasoft goodies

  Cobrasoft Factuur   Factuur program  (you need a licence key)
  Webserver   Webserver that also has status on your FTP server!
  CobraCOD4   Use these to connect my CobraCOD4 server!
(get a loginkey here)
  FlashFX OLD   This FTP browser is configured to connect Cobrasoft FTP Server.
(here is the serial) (current ip = cobrasoft.myftp.org)
  FlashFX NEW   This one works better for Windows 7 !.
(here is the serial) (current ip = cobrasoft.myftp.org)

mIRC goodies


mIRC for N00bs

  Because of the fact that mIRC is not the easiest chat program to install and configure, i made this n00b installer!
With this mIRC installer your settings are perfect to connect my channel #Cobrasoft on irc.sorcery.net and other settings like DCC and colors are also fine tuned!


  Let mIRC users remotely switch a game server on your pc.
  Lagbar   This script shows a little bar in the upper corner of mIRC and tells you what your lag is. There were only a few problems!
In combination with an other script (BandWidth) it goes wrong, they both used the same spot in the upper right corner. So i changed the location of it. And it was a little BIG!! So i changed that also!! Now it's nice and tiny and shows right next to the BandWidth script!
  BandWidth   This script tells you what your bandwidth usage is. Even other programs that takes up bandwidth will be messured!


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