ServerSwitch History

Version 4.3c
 - When registry settings are lost and start ServerSwitch, you now
   can choose either to load default settings or start RegTools and
   restore a good known backup!
 - When a patch installed and ServerSwitch was left active, then the
   patch only works if you reboot the system! Now ServerSwitch
   terminates itself when download a patch! Also it asks if you
   want to backup first!
 - Added option to search for Window Title of the server!
   (this can be very difficult to do manually)
 - Added option to Brute Force termination of the server! Sometimes
   a server won't terminate on the window title, so now it terminate
   on the processID thats given to it! (ex. Cerberus FTP only closes
   his console but not the server in memory!!) 
 - Now you can choose if the mIRC menu background and shadow is transparent.
 - When no server used on a Tab the LED did not turn grey.  fixed
 - Browsebox for browsing to server executable did terminate the program
   if device was not accesseble! (ex. CDROM of removeble HD)  fixed
  RegTool 1.1
   - Drivebox and Dirbox are gone, so you can only create backups INside
     the programs directory structure! This is done for a future implement! ;)
   - Added a DELETE button to delete backups.
   - FileListbox did not refresh! If there was made a new backup it did not
     show until restart of program! fixed

Version 4.3b
 - Remote users could not terminate a server! fixed
 - Text in Update did not show correct on some wacky systems! fixed

Version 4.3
 - All servers are now arranged into tabs.
 - Extra tab added into MiscOptions called Update.Here you can check
   for updates or patches. If you activate 'Auto check for updates'
   then the program will auto check for updates at every start.
   Also the tab-icon and the ServerSwitch logo wil flash when an
   update exists on the server for downloading!
 - The Skin option is removed! Found it very unusefull! :)
 - Now you can click a button to browse trough your drives and find
   the servers exefile instead of manually typing the whole path and
   filename into the textboxes!
 - Lot of GUI things changed.
 - Minor bug fixing...
  RegTool 1.0
   - The option for default settings has changed into a RegTool. Here
     you can make Backups, Restores or Clean all registry settings for
     Serverswitch. Also very handy if you use more server configs!
     Store the registry settings into a file and load another! :)
     Or if you want to transport ServerSwitch to another pc..

Version 4.2
 - Character limit on Servernames, so the name can not exceed the menu!
 - Extra checkbox to specify if the output must go to PM window.
 - Now ServerSwitch can be used in older mIRC versions. There's a combo
   on the MiscOptions tabblad to select if you use older or new version
   of mIRC. But the program checks it himself!!
 - When selecting text in IP textbox, you could not select a bit, only
   select the whole IP! fixed
 - Color of text in CHECK menu did not show correct. fixed
 - Put an Easter Egg in the program! :0)

Version 4.1b
 - Again a bug in creating the script! fixed
 - When script created the program told that you must load server.ini
   into mIRC, but that must be SSscript.ini. fixed
 - The CHECK menu did not show correct to users. fixed
 - Version number did not show correct to users. fixed
 - When selecting text in channel textbox or trigger textbox, you could
   not select a bit, only select the whole word! fixed
 - And some other minor bugs fixed...

Version 4.1
 - mIRC channel textbox showed at every start the #Cobrasoft channel.
   Problems with reading from registry. fixed
 - When a new script was made, mIRC did not read it! fixed
Script is shortened, so the bot gives all the messages!
   (old script must be removed and make a new script with the program!)
 - Also added the option to name the bot trigger yourself! (like !ss or !gs)
 - And ,jippie, there's an extra tabblad "Colors". You can now specify
   the colors of the mIRC output menu!
 - Now every Delay box has a value from 100-200000!
 - Improved the "Load Defaults". If you fuck up the settings of the
   program you can delete the registry settings and with the new start
   the default settings are loaded and the program works again! (i hope :0)
   (extra cleaning toolt added in the package, MUST be in the same directory
   as ServerSwitch!!!)
 - Some error warnings did not come up! fixed
 - Improved some routines and shit in the source...

Version 4.0
 - Source code is totaly changed! Major speed increasement!!! :0)
 - The mIRC script is now very small, and that f#kkin sloow wait timer
   before reading the output.log is gone! (fjew)
   Now ServerSwitch talks to mIRC itself! (major progress!)
 - The delay timer was a good idea, but not 1 timer for all servers...
   Now every server has his own delay timer for checking activity and the
   values are increased. The last dropdownbox goes even furder.. for the
   slow starting gameservers! (till 200000)
 - Multiple starts of the program was not possible, but when the sysop was
   in the console also the remote start did not work! Sysop got a message
   that the program was already actived! fixed
   Now when the sysop is in console, the user can still remote start or stop
   a server! (except when ServerSwitch is disabled!)
 - Also if the script is lost, or there occure some errors in it, you can
   click on the 'Create mIRC script' on the MiscSettings tabblad and it will
   create a new script for you. Don't forget to load it into mIRC!
   (old script must be removed!)
 - There is an extra tool for cleaning you ServerSwitch settings from the
   registry. This is probable nessesary for the newer versions!

Version 3
 - IP adress of the game server is now showen in the output of mirc!
   Extra textbox for IP adress is on the Server Tab. (idea Mr-Nightmare)
 - Increased the Delay timer options (100-9500) to check if gameserver is avtive!
   (also did this because of the slow system of mr-nightmare! ;0)

Version 2
 - No title in titlebalk. Only when ServerSwitch was disabled and then enabled. fixed
 - Multiple starts of the program was possible. fixed
   Now you can only start the console once! It does not effect the remote start.

Version 1
 First releas.



Beta testers:
 - Mr-Nightmare @ #Hangplek|nr1
 - oErMeNs @ #Hangplek|nr1